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13 Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Houses – They Have Spent Their Money Wisely

If you have ever had any illusions that celebrities – their massive net worths notwithstanding –  were just like you and me, you are about to let go of them. Unless you too can pick up a multimillion-dollar real estate property without taking a home loan and even an enormous mortgage. But can you? Likely not (unless you’ve won the lottery). Well, since we’ve cleared that out, it’s time for us to show you some of the most luxurious pads out there with top-notch security systems, and sky-high home insurance. You’ll find out who is the owner of the most expensive property, who decided to sell their piece of heaven, and who amassed the biggest real-estate portfolio. If you are into lavish homes, then make sure to stay with us until the end of the list. So, are you ready to be blown away?

Harrison Ford, ~ $25 Million, Wyoming


After a long day in Hollywood, working on yet another blockbuster, Harrison Ford has several mansions to go home to, but it is his Wyoming property that catches the eye. The 800-acre residence is located in a secluded ranch, which shows just how seriously Ford takes his personal matters. Surrounded by trees, on the estate sits a huge barn set apart by a road that divides the house to the other side. The 8-bedroom abode sits beside a huge tennis court to the right (given his passion for the sport, that wasn’t a surprise). Well, it surely is a masterpiece from one of the very best in the game!

Seth Meyers, ~ $7 Million, Greenwich Village

Hosting the Late Night show has earned Seth Meyers $12 million in net worth and an opportunity to pick up a two-story Greenwich Village duplex. He may have needed a huge bank loan though since this luxurious real estate had cost him around $7 million. OK, you are probably dying to know what he got for all that money. Apparently, Seth got a 3,000-square-foot of living space, including five bedrooms, four bedrooms, a home office, and thirty-two windows looking out to the Empire State Building and the Hudson River. Well, not bad at all, if you ask us.


Kevin Costner, ~ $60 Million, Southern California

If you are familiar with the movies that Kevin Costner has directed, such as Dances with Wolves, you would have noticed the gorgeous cinematography, capturing the beauty of the locations used. Well, it seems Costner is indeed a fan of incredible views, because one of his homes sits at a gorgeous location. Apart from his idyllic Aspen, Colorado property, this sprawling coastal estate of his in Southern California belongs on a postcard. Despite the house being small with only 2 bedrooms, all the sights and sounds on this 10.25-acre property are relaxing. According to sources, Costner decided to discard his initial plans to build more buildings on the estate, settling for the quaint house already standing here. The stunning ocean and mountain views are probably why the property is worth a whopping $60 million.

 Ed Sheeran, ~ $10 Million, London

It turned out that one of the biggest pop stars nowadays, Ed Sheeran, used to be homeless before hitting superstardom and hiring a financial advisor. Okay, now we feel a bit better about our next mortgage and loan payment. Anyways, the British musician is far from bankruptcy, and even further from homelessness, and he’s got this $10- million North London mansion to prove it. The four-bedroom deluxe house features a music studio, and a wine cellar complete with more than 1,000 bottles of fine wine. And there is also an underground pub, because, why not?

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