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Golden Age Stars Who Have Aged Flawlessly

If you’re a rich and famous celebrity, especially a female one, then there is a lot of pressure on you to stay in shape and look as good as possible. Luckily, thanks to the wealth that celebrity status provides, sticking to strict workout regimes and healthy diet plans aren’t necessarily needed. They have the bank account to allow them to venture into different methods – whether that’s anti-aging products or even cosmetic surgery – there is always a way for them to stay youthful and beautiful. Want to find out which women look like they haven’t aged a day in the last 20 years? Who has been secretly going under the knife for a facelift? Who has naturally youthful genes?

Andie MacDowell – 59 Years Old

While one can track the passage of time for most people by observing their wrinkles, with actress Andie McDowell, it is as if the phenomenon is reversed. We don’t know what sort of anti-aging products she uses but they seem to be super-effective as it looks like it was just yesterday that she starred in 4 Weddings And A Funeral, which came out in 1994! In fact, the actress is 60 years old, with 3 adult children. Her good genes and a healthy lifestyle are probably the main reason for this apparent discrepancy between the truth and what our eyes observe!

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