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Celebrity Couples With The Most Impressive Height Differences

Celebrities almost always automatically turn heads because of their great looks or popularity or both. However, there are some celebrity pairs that really get people doing a double take for an even more striking reason—their huge height differences. Truly, it’s hard to dodge the amazing disparity for many of them, no matter how hard we try not to stare. For some, you won’t even need eyeglasses as the difference in heights are truly astounding—so much so, in fact, that even the most experienced photographers would be challenged with framing them in a picture. Here are some celebrity couples with the biggest height differences.

Kevin Hart (5’4”) and Eniko Parrish (5’7”)

Standing at only 5’4”, much of actor and comedian Kevin Hart’s massive success lies in his ability to leverage and poke excellent fun at his diminutive size. It even brings a smile to the public’s lips to see him standing next to his gorgeous and statuesque wife, Eniko Parrish, who stands 5’7”. Despite the height gap, though, the degree of their affection for one another is quite legendary.

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