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Guess What Weird Beauty Treatments These Stars Are Into

 Shocking Beauty Therapies

Adopting Extreme Measures To Maintain Their Looks Seems to Be A Common Habit Among Celebrities.

Celebrities are accustomed to adopting extreme measures to maintain their looks. They do not hesitate to use shocking beauty therapies by spending thousands of dollars. Celebrities have millions of dollars and a career which depends on their good looks. They are often willing to try the most shocking beauty therapies and in most cases, get addicted to the therapy.

The shocking celebrity therapies we are talking about are likely to blow the mind of the average individual but are in fact quite popular among stars for the kind of beauty enhancement the therapies supposedly offer. Take a look at some of the most shocking celebrity therapies we have selected for you and judge for yourselves.

Shocking Celebrity Therapies Which Can Blow Your Mind

The Vampire Facelift By Kim Kardashian

Being Kim Kardashian is not the easiest job in the world because she has to spend large sums of money, time and also go through pain to maintain her frequently-photographed face. She decided she wanted to shock her fans by posting a picture of herself undergoing a vampire facelift. Blood from her arm was drawn and the platelets extracted and thereafter injected back into the face just to prevent wrinkles.

The Caviar Body Treatment Of Angelina Jolie

 Shocking Beauty Therapies

Angelina Jolie Uses Caviar For Moisturizing And firming her skin.

Famous celebrities can indulge in expensive body treatments and Angelina Jolie seems to have adopted the path perfectly. She is acknowledged as using caviar-based body treatments to firm and moisturize the skin. Jolie has relied on this therapy during her pregnancies for preventing stretch marks. Looking at the expense involved, we believe sticking to coconut oil would be an affordable option.

The Bloodsucking Leech Therapy By Demi Moore

Celebrities can go to shocking lengths when it comes to maintaining their appearance. Demi Moore, however, takes the cake because she traveled to Europe just to experience the benefits of detoxification by the leech therapy. You wouldn’t want to be anywhere close to the slimy looking bloodsucking insect which sucks blood from the skin and apparently releases some enzymes which can supposedly remove toxins from it.

The Icewater Dunk By Kate Hudson

 Shocking Beauty Therapies

Submerging Your Face In Ice Water Can Revitalize The Skin Giving It A Glowing Look.

This therapy by Kate Hudson may not sound shocking because it is inexpensive but the celebrity is known to submerge her face in freezing water just to revitalize her glowing skin. The freezing temperature boosts blood circulation while also reducing puffiness on the face.

Milk Spray By Cindy Crawford

Crawford takes a combination of milk and water to create a hydrating facial treatment. Here again, the therapy may not sound expensive but it won’t be smelling nice either. Crawford seems to have stumbled upon a treatment which is working fine because even today, she looks just like time has stopped for her.

The 24 Carat Gold Facial Of Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli sent shockwaves a month ago when she posted a photo of herself receiving the expensive and extravagant 24-carat fascial using ingredients such as liquid gold. It was definitely a shocking beauty therapy which could shock the annual vacation of an average individual.

Shocking Beauty Therapies That Include Bird Poo

Victoria and David Beckham are both big fans of bird poo facials which originate from Japan and are known as Nightingale facials. This therapy uses the dehydrated bird poo and it is believed it can reduce the appearance of acne as well as brighten the complexion of the skin. Sounds like another of the shocking beauty therapies used by celebrities? We can only say Wooo.

Hemorrhoid Cream For Eye Treatment By Sandra Bullock

Fancy using some hemorrhoid cream, even when you are not suffering from the problem? You don’t need to be disappointed because it can be used under the eyes to reduce fine lines along with puffiness. Sandra Bullock is reputed to be using it and apparently, it could give you the feeling that it may be a safe remedy. We, however, do not suggest using the treatment because no scientific evidence is available to prove it is effective.

Mentioned above are some shocking beauty therapies that are often used by celebrities with the belief they will make them look younger. If you intend to try some of these therapies, you are advised to make all arrangements in advance because you are likely to be left behind with a substantial bill.

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