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Comfortable in her Own Skin: Gabrielle Union Barefaced Again 10 Years after First Makeup-free Photoshoot

The year was 2009, actress Gabrielle Union was trying out something for the first time — a photo shoot with no makeup on!  It was for People Magazine that she did this shoot ten years ago, and she’s doing it again after ten years.  If you ask our opinion, it doesn’t seem like ten years have passed at all, because the actress has not aged at all!

Looking back, Union recalls in all honesty how terrified she was to do the shoot.  She admitted she did not know what to expect because she had been used to always putting on makeup when her photographs needed to be taken.  Aside from that, Union described the whole experience as fun, especially as the location was the beach and she had a bike as her prop.  Needless to say, the photos turned out great.

Ten years have passed and many things have changed in the actress’ life.  Apart from the acting jobs she booked and lost, the life changing milestones she has experienced in the span of those years, are getting married for the second time and having a baby.  Union married NBA player Dwayne Wade in 2014 and they had their baby, Kaavia James Union Wade, in 2018 via a surrogate.

There was nothing more that Union wanted to do than carry her own baby, but because of multiple miscarriages, she had to  have her baby with the help of a surrogate.  Her fear of not being seen as a ‘mom’ because of the surrogacy, may have disappeared, because of the outpour of support from her followers on Instagram.

Things are going great for the actress right now, she starred in the 2018 film Breaking In, she currently stars in the TV shows Being Mary Jane, the animated series The Lion Guard (as voice actor), L.A.’s Finest, and she’s a judge on the 14th season of America’s Got Talent.

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