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These 13 Ways will help you in Banishing the Bags Under Your Eyes

1. Curb the Salt

Stay away from that salt shaker! Our body is designed as such that water will find its way from parts of our body that are low in sodium to those that have the maximum. The area around your eyes is a fine example of that. This is why the salt-rich food we take in our dinner often results in morning-after puffiness.

2. Manage Your Allergies

Allergy season goes hand in hand with puffy eyes but there is a good news. There are medicines that you take from over-the-counter stores for your allergies, colds and sinus infections to ease your puffy eyes -along with your running nose.

3. Use a Neti Pot

You can try a neti pot. Neti pot is a device that looks like a small teapot. It is used for pouring salt water into one nostril and then let it drain out the other. Though it sounds quite weird, it can help flush out all that extra moisture present in the sinuses due to seasonal allergies, colds, and infections.

4. Check Your Sleep Position

Do you sleep on side or on your belly? Due to gravity, the fluids get collected under your eyes, which can be one of the reasons for those pesky bags. Try sleeping on your back and add a few extra pillows under your head.

5. Take Your Makeup Off Before Bed

Don’t ever think about leaving your eye makeup before going to bed. It can make your eyes watery and may become the reason for morning-after puffiness. Wash off thick makeup with soap and water, or use a remover.

6. Go Easy on the Alcohol

A glass of wine is good for health, but going overboard has many side effects.  Booze pulls out the water from your skin. Once the area under your eyes becomes delicate it will sink into a pouch. So if you want to fix it drink water before going to bed and apply moisturizer around your eyes.

7. Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays

We do a lot to protect our body from the sun. But do we do the same for your eyes? Too much exposure to the sun can make the skin around your eyes wrinkle or sag. So use sunglasses, and hats to protect your eyes from harmful rays.

8. Don’t Smoke

Smoking makes your skin dry and weak. So ban smoking and save yourself from droopy and wrinkled eyes.

9. Give Your Eyes a Cooldown

Have swollen eyes? Chill them out with a cold compress for easing puffiness. Try chilled cucumber slices and tea bags. Your cosmetics won’t work as effectively as the low temperature does.

1o. Consider Eye Cream

You can give a try to creams and lotions made to reduce puffy eyes. See if it works for you. However here’s one product to avoid at all cost: The old-fashioned hemorrhoid creams. It doesn’t cause irritation to the skin around your eyes. If you would rather not, use a retinol eye cream instead.

11. Cover Up

Do your dark circles scares you? You often try hiding them with concealer. Well, it is a good temporary option you have. Try the one that matches your skin tone. Don’t rub it but apply it by lightly patting it on the area.

12. Get More Collagen into Your Diet

Our body produces collagen which naturally begins to slow down after a certain age. Perhaps you can thank this process for your baggy eyes.

But you can combat it. By increasing collagen levels your skin will look firmer, smoother, and give you renewed skin cell. Give a try to chicken bone broth and collagen supplements, like collagen protein powder in your daily intake.

13. Use Injections

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists can also give you “filler injections,” which will conceal the melanin and blood vessels to discolor the skin around your eyes.

The bad thing is these injections last only for six months, and they cost up to $800. Also, there are various side effects, like bruising, swelling, and you can even become allergic to them. The swelling caused by it can last for weeks and months due to the thinness of the skin around the eyes. Moreover, there is also the chance that these injections can actually make the dark circles look worse!

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