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What Plastic Surgeons Want You To Know About Cosmetic Surgery

Undergoing cosmetic or plastic surgery should never be an easy decision. It entails lots of research, discipline, guts, and quite a huge amount of money. Though this move can lead to something really beautiful, there are indeed a lot of things to consider. And with that in mind, we curate some of the things that plastic surgeons really want to tell you but just couldn’t say it right to your face.

Know that your cosmetic surgeons could not perform miracles

Understand that you have to be realistic with regard to your expectations. The same thing goes for being reasonable to accept both what your body is capable of and what your surgeon is capable of doing. So don’t ask them to make you look like your most favorite celeb in a snap. One cosmetic surgeon said, “We can’t make you into a different person but what we can do is make you into a better version of you.”

Cosmetic surgery is a personal choice and one that could make you feel better about yourself. But it’s important to have realistic and healthy expectations.

Don’t ask your cosmetic surgeons how much fat you will lose

Surgeons operating on a patient

“Patients often think that liposuction and tummy tucks are a method of weight loss, but they’re not,” says Paul Parker, MD, FACS, medical director of the Parker Center in Paramus, New Jersey. He says patients are often disappointed when they ask how many pounds they’ll shed because it’s always much less than what they thought. “We like patients to get to a realistic weight for them before surgery, and then we contour their body with liposuction or a tummy tuck afterward.”

Learn to be wise as there are some surgeons who will operate on anyone

However, that doesn’t mean you should let them. “Everyone’s got to pay their bills, so you’ll be able to find someone willing to do the surgery you want. But that still doesn’t make it a good idea,” he says, adding that the primary thing to look for in a good plastic surgeon, after making sure they’re board-certified. Having a trusting relationship with your doctor is important for your health. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Deciding to undergo surgeries won’t fix your life’s messes

Having your chest done won’t make an unfaithful boyfriend stop cheating. Getting a brow lift won’t make a husband with a wandering eye stop looking at younger women. And undergoing a lipo won’t get you that job promotion you’ve been denied. Surgery can absolutely enhance your life, yes. BUT in the end, it’s just fixing something on the outside. It can never fix your whole life.

It’s best to know your pain tolerance

Any surgery entails risk and plastic surgery is no different. Thus, the results are often even more visible than other surgeries. Even when everything goes right, there’s still a lot of pain involved in recovery. And no one wants to think they’ll be the person to have a complication, but you need to be prepared to handle it if something does go wrong.

Going to a non-authentic plastic surgeon for a better deal can be fatal

Visiting a non-certified surgeon could mean the end of beauty road for many. From getting a small infection to drastic looking results to bleeding to being infected in the whole body from head to toe to even death in some unfortunate cases, a non-informed surgery could mean so many things!

Understand that it is never easy for surgeons, too

Plastic surgeons have to be both medical doctor and psychological guru, especially to a person they’ve only met a couple of times. “I’m always amazed at how easily people are willing to put their lives in my hands, it’s a great responsibility and sometimes we worry too,” one surgeon shared.

You have to accept that you’re going to have a scar

Your plastic surgeons don’t have a magic wand. Hence, understand that whenever we make an incision, there is going to be a scar. Of course, laser and liposuction procedures leave behind only teeny scars, and injectables only require a needle stick, which shouldn’t leave a mark at all.

But eyelid operations, facelifts, breast surgery, and the like will leave a permanent sign. The good news is that your “licensed” plastic surgeons are trained to minimize their visibility and make them blend in very well.

Every surgery requires healing time

Whether you come for invasive surgeries or are looking for Botox fillers, every surgery requires time to heal. On an average, anywhere between 3 months to 6 months is required to heal properly. 

Getting plastic surgery can be amazing and life-changing, but that is only if you do it in the right way. With that, make sure you get the professional services of a reliable and licensed plastic surgeon.

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