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Rhinoplasty 101: Important Things You Should Know Before Your “Nose Job”

If you want to get your nose done, to change its shape or improve its function, you should not miss this post. In here, we highlight the most important things you should know before letting your sense of smell go under the knife.

Everyone deserves to have the nose that they want. But shouldn’t it be the nose that their face wants too? Every face has certain proportions and dimensions that often make the nose stand out because it doesn’t quite fit – this is what usually drives one to seek a rhinoplasty. But exchanging one nose that doesn’t match nicely with the face for a “prettier” nose which still doesn’t really match isn’t such a good idea.

Unleashing Rhinoplasty in a Snap

The best rhinoplasties result in a nose that looks nicer and fits better. A new nose which makes you still look like you – only better and in better overall proportion to your face. A nose that doesn’t scream out “I had surgery” because it is actually in better harmony with your face than the nose you had beforehand.

Know that the “surgery” is NOT really painful

A “nose job” procedure sounds like it should hurt, but it really doesn’t. Really! Most patients believe that a rhinoplasty has got to be a painful procedure. They delay their consultation while dreading a recovery they actually know very little about. The truth is that a rhinoplasty is one of the least uncomfortable procedures in all of the plastic surgery! Patients frequently seem surprised by this fact but quickly learn after their procedure that they truly have very little discomfort.

The stuffiness of the nose can be around for a while as the inside of the nose swells even more than what you might see on the outside but this is more “annoying” than it is painful. Speaking of which, due to advances in rhinoplasty techniques, the bruising and swelling is typically far less than what most people expect too. In under a week, most of the tell-tale signs that a procedure was performed will be gone – and it is likely that you will still have most of your pain pills left!

Skip the “How-To” videos

You’ve read it right. Do not watch any videos of a rhinoplasty or you will never have it done.

Even though it doesn’t really hurt all that much afterward, it is probably wise for you to not watch any explicit videos of this procedure and wrongfully conclude otherwise. Watching things that you really weren’t meant to watch might dissuade you from following up on your dream… and for all the wrong reasons. The surgical techniques which are used, while sophisticated and artistic, do involve some maneuvers that might make you cringe a bit here and there.

For that matter, the same could probably be said for almost every surgical operation that there is, not just this one. Psychologically, patients who expect more pain and obsess about it (especially after watching things that are best left unwatched) will literally talk themselves into having more pain. Imagine – the reason it hurts more and your worst fears seem to be coming true are simply because you believed that they would. An old saying says that while your doctor cannot talk you out of your pain, you can certainly talk yourself into it!

“Packing” is essentially a thing of the past

This is another one of those still common but totally misplaced fears patients often express about a rhinoplasty. The idea of having the nose “packed” with about 8 yards of gauze per nostril that days later has to be removed with all the subtlety of starting a lawnmower – that would scare anybody. This all goes back to the old days, some 20 years ago or more, where packing of the nose after a rhinoplasty was routine.

The packing removal was literally the most painful part of the recovery. Modern plastic surgeons questioned the science behind this standard routine and for the most part, it has been abandoned. For a cosmetic rhinoplasty, many plastic surgeons will use a small piece of a non-adherent type of packing that is removed shortly after your procedure, before you go home, not left in for days. More complex nasal procedures, reconstructions, or those involving the sinuses might require packing left in for longer.

Get ready to look different

Many patients go into their surgery without considering the fact that they will look different afterward and it may take some getting used to. Even if your nose is reshaped exactly the way you wanted it, you might not be prepared for the shock of seeing it on your face for the first time. You’ll adjust to this significant change, of course, but it can take some time.

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