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Lookalike Stars Who Could Totally Pass Off As Each Other

Let’s face it—celebrities are no doubt some of the most attractive creatures on earth. It’s a real treat to realize that certain celebrities look almost exactly alike. That’s pretty much like double the fun and trouble. It’s even a lot more interesting when this happens purely by coincidence and without the help of plastic surgery. After all, doppelgängers don’t happen all that often, so we can’t help but be tickled pink when it does. For some of these stars, though, the similarities often end on the similarity of their facial structure and even hair color. There are those that have far larger bank accounts than their long-lost twins and are even enjoying a lot more success. There are also others whose doppelgängers are a lot younger and more fresh-faced, giving us a glimpse of the original at the flush of youth without the need of cosmetic surgery. Here are some look-alike celebrities that will surely make you do a double take.

Prince Harry and Kristofer Hivju

Prince Harry needs little introduction as the beloved ginger-haired Prince of England who is currently sixth in line to the throne. It’s interesting to note that his doppelganger also plays a prince of sorts on television. We are, of course, speaking of Kristofer Hivju, who plays Tormund Giantsbane in HBO’s Game of Thrones, one of the leaders of the ‘wildlings’ of the north. It’s truly hard to look past the hair color and beard, which make their resemblance extremely uncanny—with Prince Harry being a smaller and more compact version, of course.

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