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LOOK: These Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery Will Blow Your Mind

Whenever we are to make a decision, especially if it involves our health and hard-earned money, we think about it a hundred times. This even includes when we’ve finally decided to undergo a certain cosmetic surgical procedure.

The Harsh Realities

One thing is clear. Cosmetic surgery stems from low self-esteem and non-acceptance of ourselves. If we truly liked and loved ourselves we wouldn’t feel the need to change anything. Women especially are conditioned to look good. There is so much pressure to be beautiful and thin. It causes emotional distress and immense amounts of self-loathing in women all over the world.

We are bombarded with perfect images of women on a daily basis. Just look up at an advertising billboard or read a magazine and perfection stares back at you. This is where the idea of undergoing cosmetic or plastic surgery comes in. Now, let’s get started!


Since we understand your dilemma on this, let us help you weigh things out. Here are some of the pros and cons of plastic surgery that you should know before going under the knife. These advantages should work well with you too:

Pro: Boosting confidence levels.

For some, having cosmetic surgery can be vital to confidence levels and self-image. And it is also true that one of the biggest pros of getting cosmetic surgery is that your appearance can be enhanced. Along with such enhancement of one’s appearance, a person’s confidence level and self-esteem can also be improved as a result of getting cosmetic surgery.

While anyone, no matter what their looks, can suffer from a low self-esteem, once you love the way you look, you can certainly feel better about yourself, and your confidence will increase.

Pro: Some health issues can be resolved.

In some instances, cosmetic surgery can actually improve your overall health. A good example is a breast reduction for a woman with a large bust. Many women who have this issue experience pain on a regular basis as a result of the extra pressure on their backs and shoulders due to the added weight of their breasts. When they have them reduced, they can feel better about themselves and have a better posture, which can alleviate pain.

However, anything that doesn’t go naturally involves some risks. And here are what experts could advise you to reconsider.

Con: This procedure is still surgery and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The potential for complications exists, just as for any other operation. Pain is a significant drawback to plastic surgery, and recovery times can be as long as six months in some cases. Some patients may be at risk for severe reactions to anesthesia or may develop health problems such as hemorrhaging as a result of their surgery.

Con: Sometimes cosmetic surgery doesn’t produce the results the patient exactly desires.

Sometimes, your expectations may be higher than what cosmetic surgery can produce. Some people are still not happy after their surgery and mistakenly think it will solve all of their problems beforehand.

Take note that this is only often a problem with expectations, not with the skill of the surgeon. Expecting unrealistic results, such as that surgery will make you look like a movie star or automatically solve all of your dating problems, can be a significant drawback to having cosmetic procedures. People who consult with a doctor before their procedure and develop a realistic idea of what the end result will look like often have better experiences.

Con: Cosmetic surgery is expensive.

It is not only expensive but usually, it is not covered by medical insurance. There may also be a financial loss due to the time that is taken off work for recovery. However, in some cases, if there is a medical condition related to the surgery, there may be some form of insurance compensation available. This sometimes occurs when cosmetic surgery is used to repair birth defects, reconstructive surgery after an accident.

Con: Complications may arise.

One of the biggest of cosmetic surgery is that there are always risks of complications. It is still a major surgery, which means there can be problems that can include bad reactions to anesthetic or the risk of hemorrhaging due to the surgery itself.

Hence, obsession over a specific facial or body feature can indicate mental health issues, and therapy might be a better option than surgery.

The bottom line is that there is always a risk when undergoing surgery. So it is best to consult seasoned and licensed cosmetic surgeons. Only hire the most qualified cosmetic doctors in town.

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