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Common Questions about Botox Answered Here

Perhaps the immobile foreheads of numerous reality stars speak volumes, giving Botox a bad reputation, but those who have tried the treatment, will rarely indicate about anything done. Acceptance would have been easier with any name other than Botox, but it got bad press early on, say experts.  Moderation is what Botox needed, as a maintenance tool, and to retain a youthful and natural look, rather than to look radically different. For instance, driving your car into the ground and getting a total and costly overhaul every 10 years, is crazy; you continue with regular maintenance and keep it running like new. Well, that’s the approach with Botox, as well.

The impacts are beyond aesthetics, especially for those who sweat excessively and use Botox to deactivate sweat glands. People talk about Botox endlessly, and even casual talk draws negative attention. Botox is not for everybody, and if you don’t need it, just avoid it. Experts cleared up our misconceptions and we present all info on Botox, if you’re considering it or just curious about the treatment.

More about Botox

Botox is a bacteria-made compound, which is a botulism toxin. Though the concept is scary, but in controlled doses, the practice is very safe. The compound is injected into a specific area of the body where it binds itself with receptors in your muscle, affecting nerves within. Thus when your nerve discharges a chemical which makes that specific muscle trigger or fire, it fails. The function diminishes, and the wrinkle formed by the contracting muscle will vanish completely. It’s not static though as the body revitalizes those receptors in a few years.

Are Fillers the same as Botox?

Botox impacts the muscles, while fillers are used to fill wrinkles or even out mismatches in volume on the face. Products like Juvederm or Restalyne are used to fill lips, or fill in creases around the face and if a particular line or wrinkle is too deep to be treated with Botox, fillers temporarily diminish its appearance but results rarely last more than nine months.

Where Is Botox safely used?

Botox is commonly injected in the crow’s feet near the eye area, brow furrows, glabella crinkles between the eyes, in horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and across the jawline to counter bone loss or rectify a downturned lip. It could be strategically injected to elevate the lip with a Mona Lisa-esque effect instead of have an always frowning look. The biggest surprise? Injecting Botox into the armpit! When injected into the sweat glands, Botox completely halts sweat and odor for months and is a game-changer for some people. This is one of the most impactful of non-cosmetic treatments for Botox.

Who needs Botox Treatment?

Most people can safely opt for the treatment, but experts advise patients to be realistic, and not be too aggressive or unreasonable about the treatment. It averts fine wrinkles, but young people should avoid it. People in their late 20s or early 30s can use Botox for maintenance issues under medical advice but never to change the character of a person’s face. The idea is to ensure the patient looks the same, unaffected by age, rather than get Vogue looks. Immediately after the treatment, Botox takes from one to 10 days to kick in, and lasts about three to four months as that is the time your body takes to regenerate new receptors within muscles.

Finding a Doctor to Inject it

Many people can inject Botox, but that doesn’t mean they ought to. A board certified plastic surgeon ensures correct treatment. You need a doctor who is qualified, and understands facial anatomy as consistency is very important. Doctors document everything that is put in and observe what the results are. It is scientific so that doctors can evolve a most suitable result. Choosing sheer convenience and cost and a person not board certified in plastic surgery, results often vary. Ask questions about where Botox is being injected, and what to accomplish in getting Botox. With correct procedures, normal activity can start after 40 minutes. As you treat muscles that cause wrinkles, these get smaller and less vigorous, and unlikely to form wrinkles, due to less frequent use and eventually you reach a point where less Botox achieves the same results secured earlier. Immunity to Botox is rare.

A Botched Botox Job and Thereafter

A qualified practitioner for Botox injections becomes extremely important, to minimize chances of botched results. Though your doctor can take a look, additional Botox to remedy the issue is never recommended, as it tends to become a balancing act with one part wearing off faster than the others. Luckily, just like life, the change is never permanent.  Just give it time and the brow will ultimately reposition itself, while skin on the eyelids will thin out, and you can possibly get your original look back.

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