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Meghan Markle’s Pregnancy Woes: Banned from Eating her Favorite Foods

Duchess Meghan, and Prince Harry, confirmed in October 2018 that they are expecting their first child. This meant a modified diet for Meghan Markle, 37, who is a self-proclaimed foodie, has a cookbook out and now needs to keep away from some of her favorite foods.

Even though she’s a royal, Meghan needs to be aware of what she eats, just like every other expectant mom. She is unable to eat certain foodstuff like soft cheeses and sushi, which just happen to be among her favorites. These are the foods that she has to avoid till her child is born;


As a native-born Californian, Meghan is no stranger to sushi. She describes “perfect sushi” as a key component of a healthy diet, mentioning Sushi Park in Los Angeles as an all-time favorite restaurants. She is also reported to be a fan of Sugarfish, an upmarket sushi chain with branches in California and New York. She needs to avoid the Japanese staple food and all other raw seafood dishes, while she is with child as raw shellfish could contain harmful viruses and bacteria that can cause food poisoning and hence be harmful to her and her royal baby.

Soft Cheeses

When Meghan was filming in Toronto, Canada, she was reported to be a frequent shopper at Cheese Boutique, a local fine foods shop. She also developed a taste for poutine, a Canadian dish consisting of gravy, cheese curds and fries. Pregnant women are advised to steer clear of mould-ripened cheeses likes Camembert and Brie, which could contain unsafe bacteria.

Raw or Undercooked Eggs

The former model shared her love for eggs through her old social media accounts (now deleted), and her typical breakfast consisted of an omelet replete with fresh herbs and cheese with toast. Though Meghan could still eat eggs, she will have to make sure they are fully cooked so as to avoid exposure to dangerous bacteria such as Salmonella.

Unpasteurized Juice

Meghan is a fan of fresh, green juices and drinks them fairly regularly as a means of staying healthy. Green juice is a food-as-medicine philosophy for her, explaining how she often reaches for a freshly-crushed juice instead of a cup of coffee. However, in view of her pregnancy, Meghan will have to ensure that any juice she drinks, has to be pasteurized, as unpasteurized juices, even if used in home-made blended fruit drinks or smoothies, could cause food-borne ailments.

Rare Steaks

The health-freak Meghan loves fruits and vegetables, but she has been known to grill delicious steak, which she prefers serving with a squirt of lemon. She says that nobody tastes the lemon, but it serves to bring out the steak’s flavor. Meghan will need to avoid raw and under cooked meat, including rare cooked steaks and meat joints, due to the potential risk of toxoplasmosis.

Wine and Other Liquors

This is obviously proscribed for pregnant women, but is possibly the most difficult for Meghan to accept, given her passion for good wines. Meghan obviously loves her wines so much so that ‘The Tig’, her now defunct food and lifestyle blog, was named after a full-bodied red wine, Tignanello. During the warmer summer months, the former actress describes herself as a “rosé all day” type of gal, but now that she’s pregnant, she needs to cut out all kinds of wines from her diet.

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