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Make Your Diet A Healthy One With Protein Shake

Did you know that drinking two protein shakes every day over a period of few weeks, can help you to lose weight and kick start your metabolism? Replacing meals with protein shakes result in a scientific process known as thermogenesis. When thermogenesis occurs, your body starts shedding off extra calories.

Meal plan

These shake diets can last from 3 days to one week. Any such diet that lasts longer than that shouldn’t involve too much meal-skipping, which can send your body into a hibernation mode. This will keep you away from healthy weight loss.

While taking protein shake diet plan, focus more on selecting healthy, fiber-rich nosh for the meals. High-protein foods not only will make you feel less hungry but will also help in your digestion:

  • whole grains
  • leafy greens
  • bulky vegetables
  • legumes
  • eggs
  • fish

When you are on a protein shake diet, avoid greasy foods, alcohol, cooking oils, artificial sugars, processed grains, and bleached flour. These foods clog up your system while you are on your protein shake diet and minimize out the positive effects.

Sample meal plan

Drink plenty of water when you are on protein shake diet. Some protein shake diet programs also involve alternating “cleanse” or “fat flush” days with shake days and cheat days. The given below information are shake days only.

8 a.m.: On protein shake days, a meal plan will involve the meal-replacement shake for the breakfast. This shake is made from whey protein/ carbohydrate and protein powder mixed with water and ice.

10 a.m.: You take small snack between your breakfast and lunch. High-fiber options such as raw vegetables, fresh fruit, with hummus, nuts, and seeds are recommended.

12 p.m.: Most shake plans suggest a full, healthy lunch to fill your tummy and keep you energetic. A salad with avocado, spinach, chickpeas,  sliced almonds, cranberries, along with a salmon with balsamic vinaigrette or diced grilled chicken will boost your energy level and helps in digestion.

3 p.m.: Intake other small snacks such as a handful of unsweetened yogurt, almonds, or a hard-boiled egg.

6 p.m.: Often, other meal-replacement protein shakes are recommended for the dinner. You can pair it with a high-fiber carbohydrate snack that is low in sugar such as apple, blackberries or crunchy beans. These options will stave off your hunger and will help you to sleep better.

Side effects

When you are on a protein shake diet, you can experience:

  • lightheadedness
  • feelings of dizziness
  • extreme fatigue
  • loose stools
  • constipation
  • stomach cramping
  • irritability
  • headaches

If you take the supplement that is pure whey protein, you can even develop kidney stones, although it is rare.

Protein shakes also contains milk derivatives, artificial preservatives,  or artificial sweeteners. Make sure you’re aware of what is in your protein shakes before you start a diet program.

Vegan protein powders made from hemp, pea, or rice are best options for vegetarians or those who can’t tolerate whey.

Pros and cons

Science also offers some evidence that supports that protein shakes diets. For instance, a 2005 study revealed that high-protein, low carbohydrate diet was better as compared to high-carbohydrate, low-protein shakes. Other research also suggests that soy-based shakes have greater benefits in comparison to milk-based ones, although the results were not significant.

If you are a busy person seeking ways to lose weight or you have trouble in preparing healthy food or going to the gym, the protein shakes can be the best quick fix.

Side effects like dizziness and increased bowel movements might make your days on protein diet shakes an uncomfortable one.

If you just replace your one or more nosh every day with a protein diet for an extended period, then you will miss out the valuable nutrients, like fiber and antioxidants. They are present in whole foods which help in preventing nutritional deficiencies and also protects you from long-term disease risk.


Protein shakes can be an effective way to temporarily lose some weight (for some), however so is the healthy diet and workout. Any restrictive diet program that goes to the extreme level should only be followed under the guidance of your physician.

Also be careful to read the ingredients label on any weight loss supplement before you start the program, and know your sensitivities and potential reactions. If you feel extremely nauseous or dizzy, or if your vision is getting blurry, then stop the program immediately. Drink an easy digesting carbohydrate-rich beverage, such as fruit juice, and eat some fruit, and don’t forget to call your doctor.

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