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Here Are Some Shocking Facts About Fast Food

Urban legends can provide you a number of stories about how people visiting fast food restaurants had to face the ignominy of biting into something undesirable when all they ordered was a tasty piece of chicken. You may have difficulties believing these type of urban legends , however, you are likely to change your mind after going through this article which lists real incidents, involving real people who found more than what they paid for in their fast food order.

These stories have the potential to make us wonder whether fast food restaurants within the country are paying any attention to hygiene and the well-being of their customers. Some of the incidents may be termed as mere accidents but some can even be classified as having criminal intent…

Have You Tried a Kentucky Fried Chicken Brain?

 Fast Food

You May Not Want a Kentucky Fried Chicken Brain But a Student Didn’t Have the Option to Choose.

Even diehard fans of Kentucky Fried Chicken aka KFC wouldn’t want to eat certain parts of the bird such as the claws, eyes or the brain. However, a 19-year-old student didn’t have the choice to decide on what he would eat when he discovered a wrinkly lump which did not look right.

The student immediately uploaded a picture of the lump to social media sites while making an attempt not to vomit. KFC identified that the lump was either the brain or the kidney of a chicken and tried to make up for the error by offering the student free vouchers.

9 MM Cartridges In A Hot Dog

In 2004, a woman in California bit through a hot dog and noticed something chipping her tooth. The something that chipped her tooth was a nine MM cartridge. The woman managed to spit out the cartridge but the hot dog had more in store for her which she managed to swallow.

Doctors discovered that the bullet was lodged deep in her stomach after conducting x-rays. The woman, however, was philosophical in her statement and said that the bullet hadn’t pierced her skin before reaching the stomach.

Fecal Matter in Soda Fountains

 Fast Food

Next Time You Visit a Soda Fountain For a Drink Make Sure You Remember This Story

Fecal matter is the last thing anyone would want to have, especially from soda fountains which can be found on every corner of the street. However, it is possible that many people have had fecal matter emanating from these soda fountains which according to some reports, they’re in the region of 48% of all soda fountains in America.

An incident of 99 soldiers being hospitalized in a U.S. Army base in 1998 simply because they used a soda fountain which was affected, has also been recorded. Does this give you something to worry about having drinks from soda fountains?

Human Tooth In French Fries

This story should make you wonder whether you should ever again order a serving of French fries from a fast food restaurant. In 2014, a female customer in Osaka, Japan, committed a mistake of ordering French fries from McDonald’s and found a human tooth glaring at her when she opened the box.

McDonald’s achieved a rather undesirable reputation in Osaka in 2014 when customers found a piece of vinyl in a chicken nugget and a child got a mouthful of broken plastic after biting into an ice cream sundae. Doesn’t say much about the reputation of one of the top chain restaurants in the world does it?

Weapons of Bioterror

Bugs can infect fast food and make people having them sick because of the lack of proper hygiene. Things were different in 1984 because in those days, bugs were being used as a method to terrorize people. The local cult in Oregon, Rajneesh was making an attempt to rig the local election for taking over Oregon’s government.

The cult did not field a proper candidate for the position but decided they would make people too sick to visit the polling booth. They targeted salad bars and taco stands throughout the state and infected them deliberately with salmonella. 45 victims needed to be hospitalized and 751 people reported sickness. The cult, however, lost the vote and returned to where they came from.

Human Kebabs

 Fast Food

Russians Discovered To Their Horror that They Were Being Fed Human Kebabs Only after Consuming Every Bit Of the Dead Individual.

Kebabs is something which is loved by most people but Russians will have second thoughts about having kebabs simply because three men were arrested in 2010 for the murder of their associate but it wasn’t the worst of their crime. The three were also audacious to use the victim for meat at the kebab shop they were managing and selling the meat to unsuspecting locals.

The authorities did not find any human meat in the shop because every bit of the dead individual had already been sold and consumed by the time the police raided the shop. This one will definitely make you decide whether you should ever have kebabs again.

As it is evident from the stories mentioned, some of these may have been stray incidents but some definitely displayed a criminal tendency which could leave you wondering about the safety of the fast food you order.

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