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Top Easy Bathroom Improvements With Big Payoffs

Everything in our life should be updated and that includes our bathrooms too. But remodeling a bathroom is a very expensive journey. According to Remodeling Magazine, the bathroom is one of the more expensive parts of the house to remodel which averages at $15,000. This is why we decided to have a handy guideline ready for you when you decide to redecorate instead.

Remodeling vs. redecorating

Remodeling is a more pricey endeavor than redecorating

Remodeling is the more expensive route to a bathroom change. It includes tearing down parts and overhauling existing parts. We can try looking for bargains and sales to keep the expenses to a minimum but it would still be significantly pricier than redecorating. Redecorating includes aesthetic changes without any major operation. This includes repainting, changing the shower curtains, and regrouting the tiles. Redecorating may be cheaper but it still serves its purpose of improving the bathroom space.

Learn some of the easiest way to give the bathroom a makeover without breaking the bank by following these guidelines.

Paint job

Redoing the paint in our outdated bathrooms can give an instant fix to it. But repainting can still get pretty tricky since we are coating over the old paint. To get best results, make sure to use the same shades and styles as the previous one. Also consider repainting the bathroom with white or neutral colors. This gives the bathroom a lighter ambiance which can potentially save electricity. You can even make your bathroom seem larger than it actually is!

Aside from repainting, we also have to regrout the tiles. Grouts can get dirty overtime and will just throw the entire makeover to waste. Regrouting can complete the whole new-bathroom vibe.

Refinish the tub

This is very important to people who love taking their baths in the tub. Once the tub is frequently used for a long period of time, the paint usually chips off. It looks ugly and very unsanitary. But don’t make the mistake of buying a new one since it’s very pricey. If the bath tub is still in good condition except for the paint, just refinish the tub and viola, it’s as good as new. Refinishing companies resurface the tub to get rid of the dents and scratches. They then reglaze it to make it shinier and to bring a new color. The tub looks new by just paying 1/3 of the cost.

Replace vanity and counter

Stick to a stone countertop with built in sink and cabintes

Getting a new vanity and counter is one of the best upgrade we can bring to our bathrooms. Make sure to find a design that will match the entire space. Paint the cabinets and vanity with a dark solid color. Throw in some metallic knobs that would make the entire piece look classy and expensive. There are stone counters with a readily-attached sink that can be bought for $200 and knobs for $60.


We can change the mirrors, shower curtains, rugs, and bathroom holders to complete the entire makeover. Smaller mirrors are better so we can have more space to install racks or holders. Pick a printless shower curtain so it can be easy on the eyes and we won’t have a hard time picking rug patterns that match. Installing a metallic towel rack with either silver or gold finish will also be a good accent. Just make sure that everything will be coordinated and will follow a motif. so it wont be too much to look at.


People redo their bathrooms to serve two purposes. First is to up the market value of the house. This is when they are planning to resell the house, in which case having a newly updated bathroom can be of great help. Second is for personal value. People redo their bathrooms so that it can reflect who they are as home owners. Whether they are going to resell it or not, what’s important is they are going to enjoy the new space. They also upgrade so that they can put in new technology that can eco-friendly.

No matter which purpose they are trying to serve, we can all agree that we have to revamp our bathrooms at a certain point of our lives. Besides, nothing can make us feel more relaxed than having a good long bath after a long day.


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