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Stars Who Filed for Bankruptcy

Celebrities often have the best savings accounts there is. After all, they earn hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of dollars whenever they make movies or get endorsement deals and the like. It’s always a surprise, therefore, to hear of a popular star or artist go through bankruptcy. After all, how is it possible to spend all that money in their bank accounts? It does happen, however, and more often than you might think. This could be because of overspending on cars and diamonds, and maybe even snapping going crazy over homes for sale. For some, it may even have something to do with bad life decisions like substance abuse. Here are some very interesting ways in which big stars depleted their net worth.

Leif Garrett

Leif Garrett shot to fame in the 70’s as a young singer and actor who was very much beloved by the public. Despite his wholesome image, however, he ended up developing a drug addiction. He was in and out of drug rehab centers for years, which almost depleted his once-hefty bank account.

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