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Serena Gets Refreshingly Candid about Her Post-baby Body

She is, undoubtedly, the most recognized tennis players of all time. Alas, even Serena found it tough to bounce back to fighting shape, post the birth of her first child. Williams, who married Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, suffered from a difficult birth with an emergency C-section being performed on her that saw her heart rate drop dramatically. She also had to fight pulmonary embolism for 6 entire days with multiple life-saving surgeries performed on her.

The sportswoman was candid about her post-baby body fitness struggle while being honest, as slipping back into pre-pregnancy jeans was no joke. The 37-year-old tennis pro delivered her daughter, Alexis, in September of 2017, and admitted that it had taken her too long to get back to her former weight and shape. She worked hard for the past 8 months to go back to peak fitness levels after the birth, but at a slow and steady pace as she was no longer 21.

On bed rest for 6 weeks and adjusting with a newborn baby’s presence, getting back into shape was difficult. But, within a year, she was back with her racquet and reached the Wimbledon finals even before her daughter turned one! Although, she still showed visible signs of what she and her body endured during the pregnancy and thereafter. She’s proud that her tummy bulges more than it used to. While getting ready before her Wimbledon comeback, she followed a vegan and sugar-free diet, but still struggled to lose weight. She actually started losing weight when she stopped breastfeeding her toddler, while most women gain weight. Though eating completely healthy and despite lengthy workouts, her weight remained stagnant but she lost almost 10 pounds in just 6 days when she stopped breastfeeding and continued shedding pounds, thereafter.

When she was about 22, Serena wished to slim down to a size four but now her size is her weapon and machine. She is happy with being herself and very happy to have Alexis Olympia. Serena wants to teach her to be pretty from the inside. Selena’s eternal message: Giving is Beauty and being Humble and Kind is real Beauty.

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