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Paul Manafort’s Lavish Lifestyle Revealed

There must be a moral somewhere in this sad tale unfolding about Paul Manafort when his case is being discussed threadbare in courts, his lies, his tax evasions, his treachery and his lavish, compulsive spending on all things that made life worth living. Paul Manafort lived the grand life and owned several ultra-luxury items, including a $15,000 ostrich jacket and these are now evidence arrayed against him. The prosecutors in the Paul Manafort trial focused on his personal finances on Wednesday at times in painstaking detail. His private life is in shambles and on display at court as prosecutors use hedonistic details of his lavish lifestyle while attempting to prove that the ex-Trump Campaign Chairman was indeed guilty. Truly whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make them mad!

Manafort and his ostentatious lifestyle include expensive watches,  numerous homes and clothing from what is easily considered as one of the most expensive  apparel stores in the world.  The Prosecutors have revealed in court that in a period of five years, (last in 2014) Manafort had spent almost $1 million alone on clothing at New York’s  Alan Couture, a luxury store which specializes in menswear. A well-dressed man does stand out in a crowd but this extravagant spending on clothes borders on sheer hedonism!

Prosecutors have alleged that the Republican operative paid off these expenses by using wire transfers through secret offshore accounts created to stash away the wealth accrued from his illegal political consulting job in Ukraine. The ITR authorities have accused Manafort of failing to pay the due taxes on the illegal millions he acquired by lying on record to obtain bank loans.

Manafort has been charged for 18 criminal counts, including conspiracy, bank fraud and tax evasion. He was said to be indicted into the investigation by the honorable Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who was investigating the deep reaches of Russian influence and meddling in the 2016 Presidential election, won by Donald Trump. Here’s a salacious glimpse into Manfort’s extravagant lifestyle:

A $15k ostrich coat

One might assume that this coat comes complete with ostrich feathers but Manafort’s $15,000 ostrich coat, as pointed out by prosecutors their respective opening statements, looks more like a regular old leather jacket. And certainly not among the most fashionable ones, if you listen to some online critics who wasted no time in poking fun at this bizarre display of ostentatious wealth and poor taste. The black jacket appears to have a satin white lining and has a weird white stripe around the sleeves and waist. And this is just one of the 11 coats from Alan Couture in New York that prosecutors released photos of.

More than a million dollars on clothes

Prosecutors documented Manafort’s purchase exceeding $1m worth of clothing over 5 years of purchases, ending in 2014. Prosecutor Greg Andres said in court on Wednesday that Manafort managed to spend about $1 million alone on sport coats, suits, jackets and shirts at Alan Couture and spent more than $300,000 in 3 years at California’s House of Bijan, added Andres. (Bijan has described Manafort’s clothing as “wearable art” and pointed out one jacket alone was priced at $12,000). This Beverly Hills store is one of the most expensive men’s clothing store in the whole world. Photos released on Wednesday evening of some of the purchases from the costly stores  show fur-lined coats, pin-striped suits, sports jackets and tailored suits. Nicolas Bijan, owner of House of Bijan, showed off the store during a Forbes interview last year, talking about the store’s stiff prices and exclusivity.

Homes, rugs, cars, a $21K watch

Expensive choice of attire is just the beginning. Prosecutors released details of 7 homes listed to Manafort, including one $1.9m home in Arlington for his daughter that he is alleged used cash to pay for. Prosecutors, in the court document gave details of Manafort spending $6.4m just on real estate in Virginia and New York. On Tuesday, witnesses and prosecutors gave an in-depth description of the properties, their manicured landscapes on which Manafort splurged about $820,000. Manafort then spent another $7.3m for  renovating these homes, as reported the The Washington Post.

Some additional Manafort purchase splurges which were mentioned in court documents are:

  1. A “Royal Way” watch costing $21,000 (limited edition)
  2. A Mercedes Benz and 3 Land Rovers which was purchased or leased
  3. $1 million worth of carpets and wall-hangings from J&J Oriental Rugs
  4. Season tickets for the New York Yankees

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