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It’s Not Difficult to Maintain Wellness When Travelling

Whether traveling for pleasure or business and despite the length of absence from home, it is difficult to maintain your daily routines. But an active lifestyle need not deter you when you are on the go as you’re already moving. Stay fit but if travel logistics interrupt your fitness schedule, trying a different approach, could help.

Making healthy choices need not be an additional burden in your life, whether at home or travelling. Healthy eating and exercising enrich us, and do not detract from our experiences. A minor change in your outlook and a holistic impression of wellness can make an immense difference when away from home.

Wellness is Not a Zero-Sum Game

The zero-sum term is rarely used while discussing fitness, but people do get frustrated with exercise routines when viewed as a necessary pledge to reverse non-healthy habits. Post a weekend binge of comfort food or a night out, a run or hitting the gym possibly restores some kind of equilibrium. On the surface, it is perceived as trying to compensate the bad by doing some good but with inherent contradictions as life-style balance is rather tricky: trying too hard to reestablish balance could have a contradictory effect and create further imbalances.

Rest is Essential

If stressed out because of your trip, never be in a hurry to get active as your body needs hydration, nutrition, and rest to recuperate. While the playing field changes and your exertions don’t, you might find yourself running on empty. This becomes important if you exercise away from home. Don’t go to your workout expecting normal performance, and never push harder than you should. If usually exercising 5 or more days per week, consider reducing it while away from home. Research reveals that short intervals of severe exercise have comparable health benefits to long workouts of moderate intensity. When traveling, ensure that you get moving, especially after being sedentary for prolonged periods of time while in transit.

Pack and Prepare

Never forget to pack proper workout gear. Prior to departure, take time to assemble everything needed, keeping in mind the weather conditions at your choice of destination, as many tend to pack at the nth hour. If committed to a level of pursuit in your life, your workout clothes or running shoes in your suitcase could motivate you no end. You may be already using your smartphone to monitor physical activity when at home, but do invest in equipment which can function abroad. Distance runners always need to know what distance and how long they have travelled and a GPS-activated watch is a good investment on the road, as it accurately tracks distances and locations, world-over at no extra cost. Recovery is always more tough outside a frequently scheduled regimen, and investing in a massage ball or foam roller that fits in into your bags and supplements your stretching, is a great idea.

Stretch Yourself

Every traveler has experienced some stiffness, after sitting for lengthy periods of time, eating poorly or wearing uncomfortable shoes and possibly all three! Our hamstrings, lower back and hip muscles are the primary victims of long-distance travels, stretches in your room, even on the plane and at the airport ensures health benefits and increased blood flow to your muscles. If worried about stretching in public, many great stretches require you to barely move.

Try New Things, Explore

Travel is about exploration and expansion of one’s comfort zone, besides exposure to new places, ideas and people. A holistic method to health is activated by opening up to different perspectives as is possible. Meditation, cycling and running are the best pillars to wellness. Running helps explore the accesses and oft-ignored streets of cities, and when you meditate, it keeps you calm and focused while navigating new pathways.

Explore Your Limits Safely

Depending on the place, there are unique activities to push you mentally and physically such as bike-sharing programs or walking-tours, which are ecological and healthy ways of exploring a new place. Hopefully, you feel less intimidated by staying fit while you travel. Wellness is a personal choice, and you must approach it as is most comfortable to you, making changes to get healthier. If unsatisfied with your progress or if you feel stagnant, reduce the intensity a bit to recoup your mind and body. The most significant thing to do is to appreciate the present moment always, because it will pass in a flash. Treat yourself with kindness before all else.

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