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Morning or Night Showers: What Works for You?

We are all creatures of habits and over time, all of us revert to habits which have been conditioned since childhood by our parents or by circumstances created due to work- hours or taking into account the family-needs.  Taking a bath or shower is not something that we do on a whim or fancy. It is a result of a set of circumstances which work out just right personally.

You may not take a shower at a pre-ordained time every single day, but the odds favor your taking a shower either before breakfast in the mornings or before sleeping at night and all of us have solid reasons for this ritual. But have you ever considered that there could be benefits and disadvantages to both these shower timings?

Why Morning Showers?

As expected, there are expert views with strong recommendations about which shower might be more beneficial, morning or night showers. Let us analyze the importance of each habit to understand potential advantages available for each.  Morning showers are a great way by which you can wake yourself up thoroughly and be ready for the day. Morning showers also enable you to be self-conscious, scan your outer self carefully, and set your daily schedule without any interruption. Many also use the time to do some self-introspection.

And if your personal schedule permits it, you just need to shower only in the mornings. The necessity for morning showers depends solely on individual lifestyles, which have been cultivated over years.  If, for instance, you work out in the early morning hours, you will definitely be following up your gym visit or daily run, with an invigorating shower to cleanse your hair and skin of the excess grime, oil and stale sweat. Hygiene demands that you clean your face every morning prior to jumping into your daily schedule of work to be attended to.

Showering before Bed

Showering at night before bed can have some fabulous benefits, which you would be wise not to overlook. If you shower right before hitting the sack, your bed-sheets remain cleaner and you will definitely observe that you sleep deeper and better. Also remember that you were out in the streets dealing with allergens, pollution, and all varieties of nasty things, and without washing them away before retiring to bed, could possibly be very unhealthy. Also if you use a certain kind of hygiene product on a daily basis, showers at night before jumping into bed is particularly important. Products like makeup, hairspray, creams and lotions could render you even more appealing to pollen and plenty of additional allergens, which may wreak havoc on various allergies.  With evening showers, you can prevent the transfer of these potentially damaging substances onto your bed sheets, where you expect to be sleeping comfortably for seven or eight hours.

And if you tend to generally sweat a lot, you might consider it a daily ritual to shower at night. Your evening showers, followed up with an antiperspirant will work wonders for you. As antiperspirants are effective by forming a sort of clog on the sweat glands, less sweat reaches the skin surface if the plug is permitted to form. Apply anti-perspirants only after your evening shower as this allows the plugs to form while you are fast asleep. Once it is applied, it continues to be effective for the entire day. It must be noted that having done this, you should not shower the next morning, as the bath will remove this plug. Your sundown skin-care system might perform better if you hop into the shower first, as opined by experts.  Thus if you desire to be at the most effective, showers before retiring for bed, might just be a great idea.

Balance of Convenience

Experts recommend showering before bed because it gives you time to remove the daily dirt and grime, keeps you clean and healthy, but they also note that people are still going to be guided as per their personal habits and preferences.  You could possibly benefit from hopping to an early morning shower and also enjoy showering during the evening. Brief early morning showers or a short cold-water plunge, will certainly help to awaken you and further stimulate overall blood circulation.

You may not change your bathing habits just because some experts have recommended either morning or evening showers or even both, but knowledge about how to benefit from bathing at any given time, ensures that you benefit the most from every shower you take.

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