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Meghan Markle May Have Revealed The Gender of The Royal Baby

In line with the royal tradition, the gender of a royal baby is a tight-lipped affair. Yet, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have broken this tradition. Meghan’s visit to New York City for her baby shower stirred up a lot of theories about her baby’s gender. The soiree’s décor and the cookies’ picture suggested the baby might be a lady. Amal Clooney’s blue tissue paper around the gifts she gave the Duchess hinted the couple might be expecting a baby.

Sources said that Prince Harry and Meghan have revealed the gender of their baby. Though, the couple has not confirmed this news. After much internet sleuthing and speculation, some people are reportedly aware of the gender of this baby.

Over the months, the gender of this baby has been a bone of contention around the world. The Duchess is the person who can settle this matter. But she rather keeps the secret to herself and tells her closet friends. Though, she once said that they are not aware of what they are having because it is a guarded secret.

In April, this secret known by a few will come out in the open when she delivers. Can you guess the gender of this baby?

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