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Celebrities You’d Be Surprised Are Wearing Wigs

There is a famous saying, “Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off”, and we couldn’t agree more.  Besides carefully picking hair products which suit us, there are also vitamins we can now take to make our ‘crowning glory’ look flawless and healthy.  Those who aren’t lucky enough to be born with it, can find other means to have healthy manes… just ask your favorite celebrities you see on television, films, the internet, and popular magazines.  They surely have the money to get the best hair treatments, hair color, and effective ways to prevent hair loss, but these celebrities usually have something we don’t have… a team solely dedicated to make them look like a million bucks, from head to toe. Believe it or not, a lot of celebrities you admire for having great hair have a little secret – they wear wigs.  And we are not only referring to them wearing it onscreen for an acting part, but also stars who wear wigs in their everyday lives, especially when attending social and red carpet events. We have compiled a list of famous celebrities who wore their faux-hair with pride. Come take a look…

Chuck Norris

Martial arts expert and action star Chuck Norris wasn’t able to dodge the problem that a lot of men often encounter when approaching middle age – male pattern baldness.  Although it’s pretty obvious that Norris has been wearing a hair piece for many years now, the actor hasn’t admitted to it yet.  Perhaps because no one dared ask him?  It is quite understandable because he is already 78 years old, and thinning hair is a common problem in old age.  Another question that a lot of people have is whether Norris has also undergone cosmetic surgery.  For actors, there really is nothing wrong with taking steps to maintain their youthful looks, so we won’t be surprised if Norris will undergo a hair transplant in the near future.

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