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Celebrities Who Now Have Normal Jobs

It’s true that few jobs are as lucrative as being in the entertainment industry. This is why celebrities have some of the best savings accounts. However, not everyone in the industry enjoys the massive payroll of A-listers or manage to stay at the top what explains why some celebrities have a regular job after a glorious career

Tony Danza – From Taxi to teacher

Tony Danza is one guy who seems definitely unafraid of change when it comes to his career. In the 80’s, he was a professional boxer before he switched gears and became an actor, starring in Taxi and later, Who’s the Boss?. While this may seem drastic, it’s probably not as drastic as his latest venture. After all, it takes a lot of nerve to become a teacher after working in show business for some time. Luckily, his foray into the world of academics was documented in a reality show, Teach: Tony Danza.

Andrea Barber – From Full House to academics

Andrea Barber started acting in the mid-80’s when she was cast as one of the stars of Full House, playing the role of Kimmy. She also became a cast member for the long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives for a time. With her career going north, it was truly a surprise when she went on hiatus to go to college and earn her university degree. However, it seems that she has come out of retirement, recently reprising her role as Kimmy in Fuller House and appearing in The Leftovers.

Gary Dourdan – From CSI: Crime Scene Investigation to DJ

Gary Dourdan is easily recognizable as one of the stars of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the long-running and very popular crime series from CBS. Unfortunately, his character was killed off in season 8 when he was fired from the show because of his substance abuse problem. After that, he spiraled out of control for a while, getting arrested for a DUI and later breaking his girlfriend’s nose, for which he spent some time in jail and had to undergo court-ordered drug treatment. He ended up filing for bankruptcy in 2012. Since then, he’s been working part-time as a DJ and occasionally takes on acting jobs.

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