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After Cancer Diagnosis, Alex Trebek is ‘Feeling Good’ as He Shoots Last Episode of ‘Jeopardy!’s’ 35th Season

Alex Trebek offered the fans of the televised game show Jeopardy! a health update recently as he continues to fight pancreatic cancer in it’s 4th  stage. The Emmy Award-winning host, who is 78 years old, spoke candidly about his health condition, assuring the viewers that he felt good and thanked them for their unwavering support during these trying times. His message came on the last day on the set of Jeopardy!’s 35th season. Alex has hosted the show since September of 1984.

When the 35th season of his show has just begun, he promised some surprises but had no idea of the shocking turn of events in store for himself. While taping the final show of the 35th anniversary season, he thanked fans for their continuing encouragement and support and for the many cards received from people young and old, saying that he was touched beyond words. Despite rumors to the contrary, he was feeling good and continuing with the therapy and that they were already working on the next season of Jeopardy! And he looked forward to seeing the fans again in September 2019, with a lot of good things in store.

Trebek shared the news of his cancer with fans in a short video on social media in early March, as he vowed to fight back the disease and continue working on his beloved game show. He also mentioned that like 50,000 others in the country annually, he was detected with pancreatic cancer which was currently at stage 4.

Usually, the prognosis for the disease at advanced stages is discouraging, but he vowed to fight and to keep working with the support and love of his friends and family, and with prayers, he planned to beat the statistically low survival rate for this dreaded disease. Despite this grave diagnosis, Trebek joked that he would continue hosting the show as he was on contract for the next three years! Just six days after his diagnosis, Trebek was back at work, maintaining his filming obligations. Throughout the turmoil, Trebek remained grateful to his fans for supporting him.

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