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You Have To See These Celebs And Their Kids At The Same Age

There are those people in life who work incredibly hard and rise from having nothing to becoming a household name in Hollywood, and then there are those who are born into fame, thanks to their parents. We’re sure the offspring of these celebrities still work hard to master their craft but generally, they can cut a few corners here and there. Sure, they might have a life filled with visits to drug treatment centers and claims of exploiting their trust funds, but that doesn’t mean that fame comes hard to these guys. Given how similar to their parents these people look, it’s no surprise at all that they chose to follow in their footsteps. Let’s take a look at some of those famous parents and their progenies (and enviously think to ourselves how we wish we had been born to a celeb…)

Steve Jobs and Lisa Brennan-Jobs At Age 28

Lisa has a famous last name but had to fight hard to keep it. Jobs’s former high school sweetheart, Chrisann Brennan became pregnant and gave birth to Lisa and always claimed that Steve was the father. After denying it on multiple occasions, Jobs had to submit to a DNA test which proved his paternity. Lisa has written a book called ‘Small Fry’ in which she mentions that although her father was a millionaire, he only paid $500 a month as child support and was not a part of her childhood.

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