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You’ll Be Surprised When You See What These Veteran Stars Look Like Now

They wowed us when they appeared on the silver screens and graced our living rooms with their luminous presence back in the day with their beautiful faces and phenomenal talent. Many decades since their stardom reached their respective zeniths, these celebrities are now older and wiser. For many, the flush of their youth is still evident, even at their advanced age, while for others, a lifetime of excessively lavish living have taken its toll. Stories of bankruptcy, substance abuse and cosmetic surgery are not uncommon, though there are those that have gone the other way and increased their net worth with wise wealth management. Indeed, it’s truly interesting to see what these aging stars have been up to in retirement.

 Butch Patrick – Now 66 Years Old

It’s been a long while since Butch Patrick gained fame as a child actor so let us remind you of him – he was the one who portrayed Eddie (the child werewolf) on CBS’ The Munsters during the mid-1960s. Another memorable role performed by him was of Mark on the Saturday morning television show Lidsville.

In the later years, Patrick’s acting work got limited to cameo appearances and the last time he was seen on screen was in 2005’s horror movie Frankenstein vs. the Creature from Blood Cove. These days, he is not much active as a performer and prefers to live away from the limelight.

Chuck Norris — Now 78 years old


Action star Chuck Norris’ martial arts moves and expressions looked very real in movies, mostly because he is a legitimate martial artist, having undergone many years of training. He moved away from his military career (he served in the US Airforce) to participate in martial art championships and he soon caught the eye of many TV and film personalities, including the legendary martial artist and actor, Bruce Lee. His movies Return of the Dragon, The Delta Force and Good Guys Wear Black made him a superstar. After retiring from acting in movies, Norris now has many endorsement deals and makes occasional appearances at events. He recently said that he can still fight anything on earth, but one thing he cannot even try fighting is aging.

Carl Reiner – Now 96 years old

Carl Reiner is best known for writing, directing, and creating The Dick Van Dyke Show. However, he also acted in films like the The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming and formed a comedic duo with Mel Brooks for some time. He still acts to this day, most recently starring in the Ocean’s Trilogy of movies between the years 2001 and 2007 and even had a cameo in 2018’s Ocean’s 8. However, his most notable claim to fame at present is being the oldest celebrity active on Twitter.

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