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You’ll Be Surprised What These Veteran Stars Look Like Now

They wowed us when they appeared on the silver screens and graced our living rooms with their luminous presence back in the day with their beautiful faces and phenomenal talent. Many decades since their stardom reached their respective zeniths, these celebrities are now older and wiser. For many, the flush of their youth is still evident, even at their advanced age, while for others, a lifetime of excessively lavish living have taken its toll. Stories of bankruptcy, substance abuse and cosmetic surgery are not uncommon, though there are those that have gone the other way and increased their net worth with wise wealth management. Indeed, it’s truly interesting to see what these aging stars have been up to in retirement.

Kirk Douglas — Now 101 years old

Kirk Douglas’ legacy is more than just the impressive roster of films that he starred in throughout his long career or his massive net worth—it’s how he established a family empire of fine actors, including his son, Michael. Now 101 years old, he is best known for playing military men in iconic films like Spartacus, Top Secret Affair, The Final Countdown, and many more. Despite being officially a centenarian, he is reportedly still in very good shape after his recovery from a stroke nearly 20 years ago.

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