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Most Loved Movies of All Time & Their Stars Who are Still Alive

Movies have been part of human existence ever since the first private screening by the Lumière brothers in Paris in 1895.  More than a hundred years and hundreds of thousands of movies later, people have picked those movies which they love and consider the best.  And one of the main appeals of films is the main characters and the stars who played them.  So here is a peek at some of the most loved movies of all time and the memorable actors and actresses who starred in them. You’ll definitely be surprised at what these celebs look like now as some seem to have discovered an anti-aging secret while others had to resort to plastic surgery to keep their youth.

The Movie: Bonnie and Clyde

What enthralled viewers to the 1960s classic film by Arthur Penn is how glamorously the lead stars, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, who played Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow respectively, looked on screen.  Although the real life story of the petty robbers was anything but glamorous.  The criminal duo’s actions, however paltry their crimes were, perhaps had some life altering effects on owners of the bank accounts they robbed from.

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