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Hot or Not: 2019 Fad Diets Predictions

Your 2019 diet plan should at it’s very base, a balanced food plan that matches your lifestyle, instead of being a wacky fad with many food restrictions. The US News & World Report’s 2018 best diet rankings had the Mediterranean Diet and DASH diets at the 1st spot as they featured real food with reasonable and flexible guidelines. Experts felt that the diets were tasty, sensible, nutritious, and research-backed, to ward off and control many chronic diseases. They advised avoiding diet fads with severe restrictionsand constraints. Keto Diet got a thumbs down from the panel of US News’ nutrition experts, coming in last on the list of healthy and sustainable diets.

The Keto Diet Fad is just that, a fad

The Keto Diet severely restricts the intake of carbohydrates while consuming high-fat foods, which honestly, is just not sustainable in the long run. It is the “in” diet but is an extreme plan with a restrictive carb limit with dieticians criticizing it as extreme and restrictive. One expert said any diet recommending bacon snacks cannot be taken seriously as a healthy way to eat. An expert board of America’s top physicians, nutritionists and dietary consultants assessed 40 different diets in 9 different categories such as ease of compliance, effectiveness against chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease and possible short and/or long-term weight loss.

Healthy Diets

Both the Mediterranean and DASH diets give people a flexible choice from healthy foods, and also eat what suits them best. The diets permit lots of healthy fats, lean proteins, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, colorful fruits and vegetables, and avoid processed and packaged foods, full of saturated fats. The Mediterranean and DASH diets do not exclude any particular foods or certain food groups or restrict anything that is really important when a normal person eats.

The diets are backed by scientific research that shows they help people proud the pounds and avoid diabetes and heart disease. There is not much research on diets and nutrition, so a plan such as the Mediterranean Diet, backed up by empirical evidence is welcome. Fads such as the Keto Diet may result in rapid weight loss, but maintaining their eating restrictions is unsustainable. These restrictive diets ensure fast weight loss as you are not consuming the requisite number of calories to endure basic body activities or any exercise. No person can sustain this diet for a longer duration of time and the weight will come back eventually once you start eating carbs, and then it would be more difficult to lose any more weight.

Weight Watchers and Commercial Diets

Weight Watchers scored a pretty high position in the ranking as decided by U.S. News, being dubbed as the top commercial diet, as well as a boon for weight loss offering the opportunity to shape one’s own diet and stick to prescribed guidelines about what you consume daily and more importantly, how much of it. You can consume what you want with no foods, which are taboo. The plan also benefits from the accountability and encouragement Weight Watchers gives its members. Such support from people who you can talk to and constantly remaining accountable to an agreed upon plan is essential. Weight Watchers is good for people who have never taken stock of regular eating patterns.

For someone beginning to pay attention to what they are eating, a Weight Watchers program can be very helpful to start understanding their body’s needs and address health issues. People need to eventually move on and find their own suitable diet, after learning what they can from a prescribed diet plan. All commercial diets do is to focus not on actual food choices but on calories or numbers or points, and eventually deviates from your ability to become aligned with your fullness cues and hunger cues and the food you’re actually craving for. We need to become more tuned with these essential things, and understand how we naturally eat and how much the body actually needs. Stressing over numbers and counting calories takes away the fun from dieting.

Bank on Food Positives

Dieters wishing for long-term success need to review their lifestyles, goals and decide what’s vital to them. If you love eating out, don’t go for a plan, which makes you cook your meals at home, yourself. If you love wine but choose a plan that forbids it, it is likely that diet will fail. Dieters must focus more on food positives rather than negatives. The year 2019 focuses on what you should be consuming rather than what you need to avoid. There is no single food which most people cannot eat. We must focus on the food we need more, thereby nourishing our bodies.

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