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Is Getting A Gym Membership Worth It?

Let’s admit it, we always have peaks and valleys when it comes to our fitness and health. This is mostly true for students and people holding jobs and spending on a gym membership is a usual solution for this kind of attitude towards fitness.

Why? Because people see the money they spend as a motivation to work out. It pushes them to get out of bed and hit the gym so the money spent will be worth it. This will probably work the first time you’ve paid for a membership, but not so much after several months. The motivation even decreases if the membership you’ve applied for has long-term validity. You’ll probably skip the gym more thinking that you’ll still have enough time to break even. Going to the gym can be really helpful but is it worth it?

Added expenses

Instead of paying for gym memberships, why not put the money on bigger things like buying your own house

Because of competition, more and more gyms are lowering their rates. Even if this is the case, spending money on a gym membership will still equate to a lot of money, especially if you keep renewing it. Instead of paying for it, you can allocate funds for the more important things like an emergency fund or retirement plan.

You can find a community

People who go to the gym want to be surrounded by people who are pursuing the same goals. Being in a community makes them more motivated to lose weight! However, this ‘community’ is now available at the tip of our fingers too. Fitness communities in social media like Instagram and Facebook are found to be just as effective. These communities will let you post and comment on photos, have a virtual gym buddy, ask and create discussions. So if the community is your main priority for paying the gym fee, consider this before enrolling.

Going to the gym can get boring

Getting bored in the gym routines is a common sentiment among people

Gym upgrades don’t really happen on an annual basis. So if you are the type of person who wants to experience new things, then you might find going to the gym a little bit boring. You’ll utilize the same equipment, take the same classes, and have the same view for the rest of your gym life. If that’s the case, you also might find hiking or running in a park more stimulating.

Going to the gym can make you more conscious

Have you ever tried dressing good and trying to look nice for the fear of getting judged? Getting anxious or self-conscious while working out is totally normal. You are surrounded by all the people who pursue fitness goals and this can be intimidating. You can try to plot the least crowded time and adjust, if you’ll not shatter your self-confidence for it and rather create a positive attitude and surrounding to work out.

Gym takes out a chunk of your time

This is of course not applicable to people that have gyms just outside their houses. The people who will feel this the most are those who still have to commute. Even a 30-minute drive is significant enough when considering gyms and setting your priorities.

Is setting up your own fitness space an option?

People think that buying fitness equipment is expensive and that is why they’d rather pay for a gym with complete amenities. Well, this might be the case if you are planning to replicate all the things found in the gym but if you’re rather thinking long-term, buying sets of weights, a yoga mat, a jumping rope, and resistance bands well within reach.

With the rise of technology, people are more given alternatives in life. The Internet gives people ways to exercise and be fit without breaking the bank. If you don’t enjoy the gym, it’s not the membership that can help you achieve your goals but your motivation and dedication towards it.

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