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Celebrities We Didn’t Know Were Related

The entertainment world has massive influence on the world as it is, which makes it easy to perceive it as a huge world on its own with a more special set of citizens. However, it’s actually a lot smaller than most people think. As a matter of fact, many stars actually have more in common with their fellow celebrities than just large bank accounts—their often superior genes, for ones. Here are some of the most surprising connections in Hollywood today.

Brigitte Bardot and Anne Charrier – Grandmother/granddaughter

One of Brigitte Bardot’s grandchildren, Anne Charrier, is following in the bombshell’s footsteps and has joined the acting world. The French actress’ career started in the theater, and she eventually moved to television and films. Anne is the daughter of Nicolas-Jacques Charrier, Bardot’s one and only child. It’s obvious from this photo that aside from acting skills, Anne has also inherited some of her famous grandmother’s features.

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