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This is Why There Will be No Memorial and No Funeral for the Late Doris Day

There will be no funeral for Doris Day after she died at the age of 97. The legendary Hollywood star, who passed away on the morning of 13 May 2019, made her wishes clear in her will: “No funeral, no memorial and no grave marker”. Day didn’t like to talk about any prospective funeral or memorial, as she didn’t like death, and she said that would not be there with her animals if ever they were to be euthanized. It was difficult for her to accept death.

When reminded to provide for her dogs after she died, she would rather not think about it and wanted others to just take care of them. She had several pets when her will was drawn up, and she wanted to be sure they were taken care of. She didn’t like to talk about the dogs dying.

An avid animal lover and animal welfare advocate, Day was brought up Catholic, becoming an observing Christian Scientist after her marriage to producer Martin Melcher. After Melcher died in 1968, Doris drifted away from organized religion but remained “a spiritual person” as she believed in God, and thought her voice was God-given. She would say that God gave her a voice, and she just used it.  Why Day was reluctant about going through with a funeral was because she remained shy and introverted.

She never got affected by her celebrity status and remained a simple Cincinnati girl who was extremely talented and she thrust herself into the big bad world and loved doing what she did, despite her shy self. She was straightforward, and never understood why she was so loved by her fans who sent her so many letters, but that meant a lot to her. Day’s estate would be given away to charity, according to her will and to keep the Doris Day Animal Foundation created by her in 1978, going.

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