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Tim Gunn is NOT a Fan of ‘The Marie Kondo Method’

The worldwide phenomenon that is Marie Kondo or Konmari has made so many fans out of Hollywood celebrities, including Jennifer Garner, Katie Couric, and Kate Hudson. But there is one famous person who is not very impressed with the famous Japanese organizing consultant, bestselling author, and now TV star. And it’s none other than Project Runway star Tim Gunn!

As for the reason why, it’s really not something personal.  Although Gunn admitted to being asked twice to interview Marie Kondo and he declined on both occasions.  The 65-year-old explained that he just doesn’t believe in Kondo’s method that basically is about ‘sparking joy’.  Gunn said that he has a collection of books that don’t all spark joy, and if Kondo’s way was followed, he would probably need to get rid of them, something that he refuses to do.

Marie Kondo’s success started with the 4 books she has written about organizing, and they became best sellers, with millions of copies flying off the shelf. In fact, one of her books, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, was translated and sold in 30 countries.  Because of her worldwide success, Netflix decided to give her a series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, that also became a hit.

Gunn is reportedly not impressed with her TV show, as well, saying that 3 minutes into the show, he could no longer continue watching it. Because his persistent colleagues pushed him to watch one full episode, he gave in and the one he chose was an episode where two gay men were trying to get rid of all their books.  Gunn couldn’t believe that Kondo took 11 whole days to finish the process.  He admitted to trying his level best to finish that particular episode, but nevertheless, there was no change of heart for him. He said he that he could only take so much of her!

It’s true what they say — you really cannot please everybody!

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