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Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Anti-aging Secrets

She’s been hailed as the hottest woman alive by Men’s Health and has also been called the most beautiful by People magazine. So even with a hectic work life, and progressing age, actress Jennifer Aniston manages to look beautiful even as the years go by. How does she do it? She says that she stays keeps it real and embraces whatever comes her way, even the fact that she’s growing older. Here are a few tips that Ms. Aniston shares with us to stay gorgeous at any age;

Tip #1: Don’t paralyze facial muscles, instead stimulate, them

Aniston does not believe in plastic surgery and Botox, as she does not want to lose perspective about herself. Instead she recommends trying a microcurrent facial to keep your skin smooth and taut. She calls it her little ‘workout for the skin’. The treatment involves an aesthetician placing electrically charged pads into your face to stimulate your facial muscles, thereby toning and tightening the skin. A single facial can cost up to $350. That’s a little too steep, but you can invest in a home rejuvenating facial device, such as the Nuface Trinity for $325. This is the same technology used by aestheticians and dermatologists and comes FDA approved, so it is safe to use.

Tip #2: Target the texture and not just wrinkles

Jennifer is also partial to the Clear and Brilliant laser treatment, iterating that gently resorting the lost youthfulness of skin is important, and not just Botoxing away all expressions. This $300 per session procedure is non-invasive and takes 30 minutes to complete. The result is refreshed skin and zero recovery time. Another of her favorite treatments is called Thermage, a $2,000 non-invasive procedure that stimulates collagen production using radio-frequency waves.

Tip #3: Rely on less makeup

Aniston believes in the philosophy of ‘less is more’, and that’s why you will always see natural looking make up on her, even when she is on the red carpet. After moving to Hollywood, when people started telling her that she looked better without make up, she took their advice and learned to be seen ‘without layers and layers of makeup’. Even thought she endorses Smart Water, she insists that she consumes 3-4 23-ounce bottles of it in a single day. Sleep, water, sunscreen and repeat is Aniston’s advice.

Tip #4: Sunscreen is your savior

The actress admits that when she was younger, she would slather on baby oil and soak in the sun for hours to get a tan. Calling the move ‘uneducated and stupid’, she now trusts sunscreen to protect her skin from sun damage. Now, even though she lies in the sun to get some Vit. D, she still uses sunscreen when doing so. Her go to product? Aveeno’s SPF 50. She loves how the product is moisturising, light and non-greasy all at the same time. It’s an added perk that this sunscreen smells amazing.

Tip #5: Don’t obsess over food

With regards to her food philosophy, Aniston says that everything in moderation is the key. Her primary diet consists of lean proteins and loads of organic vegetables. Her staple breakfast has to have an Ezekiel toast with avocado on it or alternatively, a breakfast smoothie. She tries very hard to limit her intake of gluten and dairy, and even if she is not successful, she doesn’t bother about it too much. She even tried going the whole ‘no dairy’ route, but that did not last very long, as she says that she just cannot part ways with cheese. She also occasionally loves a big plate of Mexican food or some pasta. Of course, she does not have Celiac disease so she does not need to stop eating gluten altogether, but she admits avoiding gluten is more vanity-related. She actively avoids carbs to keep her weight in check.

Tip #6: Focus on more important things in life

Think of the scenario when you are on your deathbed. In your final hours, would you give a second through to your taut forehead or cheeks? Chances are, that just like Jennifer, you wouldn’t care. Growing older and therefore wiser, we start valuing people, memories and moments, rather than how young we look. Aniston looks at the actresses of yesteryears who have aged naturally and gracefully, by not obsessing over society’s notion of beauty and attractiveness. She names Gloria Steinem as her idol in this department. She says that her beauty has little to do with what she looks like on the outside. We couldn’t agree more!

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