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Why We All Need Apple Cider Vinegar in Our Life

Apple cider vinegar is a miracle in liquid form, even though you probably feel that the tag belongs to coffee alone. It may surprise you that drinking apple cider vinegar (ACV) in the morning can offer you so much more than a caffeine high ever will. You get a boost in energy levels, clear skin and better digestion. The benefits of ACV are way too many and the only think you gotta do is swallow down a big shot of this pungent vinegar and try your hardest to keep it down, (okay, its honestly not that bad!) Straight up shots are only for the toughies who are okay with their eyes watering, but there are other ways to ingest ACV, the easiest being diluting it with water. Considering how acidic it is, we don’t know a whole lot of people who would be able to drink it straight up.

Even after diluting it, it may give you a little tough time when going down, but in the end, it is so worth it! Props to you if you can make it a part of your routine and extra brownie points if you do so in the morning. Believe us, nothing will wake you up in the morning like ACV will, and you can kick your coffee goodbye. Here are 5 more benefits of this wonderful vinegar, best taken in the morning on an empty stomach.

Better digestion all through the day

One of the most remarkable abilities of apple cider vinegar is balancing pH with its inherent acidity. By changing the pH of your gut and stomach, it will allow you to digest food more resourcefully, which could even minimize acid reflux and bloating.

Balanced Blood Sugar Levels

Apple cider vinegar is very effective at reducing one’s blood sugar levels. In fact, it is so effective that a lot of research is being carried out related to it’s effectiveness with people suffering from diabetes. In an Arizona State University study, researchers concluded that individuals who took 2 tablespoons of ACV while having a snack, exhibited lesser blood sugar levels than people who took 2 tablespoons of water along with their snack. If you are someone who is particularly impacted by yo-yoing blood sugar levels, then ACV is an outstanding tool to keep sugar levels from shooting up too high.

Better smelling breath

Kiss goodbye to bad breath, as it doesn’t stand a chance with ACV. The natural acids in ACV (such as malic and acetic acid) work to kill the bacteria that reside in your mouth, which can cause bad breath. You can make use of ACV to fight off halitosis (chronic bad breath). Just add one tablespoon of ACV to one-third cup of water and gargle with this solution for 15-20 seconds. We are sure your significant other will be very thankful for it and may even ask you for a spoonful of ACV.

Gets rid of the sniffles

Hands down, one of the best things to come from ingesting ACV is giving your immune system the boost that it deserves. Because of the acidic nature of ACV, it kills off the bacteria which might have caused nasty colds or coughs which happen ever so often. By strengthening the immune system, it stops bacteria from manifesting itself into an illness. It is with good reason that ACV was also used to disinfect wounds and even as a natural preservative by our ancestors, bacteria and germs just can’t stand it!

Natural energy boost

Although the results here can be subjective, given that every one of us possesses varying base energy levels which they consider “normal’. For instance, if you have to wake up an hour before your usual waking up time in the morning, just to drink your ACV on an empty stomach, you may find the process a little tedious and may not feel energized at the end of it.

Great detox drink

An easy way to cleanse your body while saving yourself a couple of hundred bucks by not buying a juice cleanse made with blood oranges and kale, is just by using ACV. When you take apple cider vinegar in the morning, you are helping to cleanse and detox your liver, as well as flush out any bacteria from your body. ACV is known to curb and cut down on random cravings (read: sugar, carbs and junk) which we have along the day, by balancing our system and keeping a check on blood sugar levels.


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