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Need Fast Cash? Have You Throught Of Renting These Things Out?

It sure is true that you can rent just about anything these days, from conventional things such as a room or a car, to highly odd things like livestock and even a Christmas tree. How can you monetize the rental needs of other people for your benefit? If you pride yourself in being frugal, then consider making some extra cash by renting your stuff out to people who are in need of them.


If you’re not okay with the idea of renting out your place to strangers, you could only rent away your driveway. A company called AirGarage connects drivers with nearby homeowners with driveways. The drivers save money as they don’t have to pay sky-high parking rates elsewhere and you can earn as much as $ 100 per month. Also, you can get to decide who rents your driveway and even pause your availability.

Basement or attic

If you have extra space, say a shed, attic or basement, which you do not use, you can use Nxtstor to list your extra room. On the website, there are loads of people looking for some safe space to store their belongings and will gladly pay you to keep them. They claims that some of their owners who have listed with the website can earn up to $400 a month.

Extra room/space in your house

Do you have an extra room in your house which could be the perfect setting for a baby shower, maybe your study is big enough for people to hold their meetings or perhaps your backyard garden is just the place for a small wedding or a photo shoot? Then have we got good news for you! People pay good money to use your rooms, provided you’re okay with having strangers in your house. How much you can earn off of the website depends on your property and how much you charge people. Others on the website charge about $25 to $250 per day for a room. Not a bad deal at all, isn’t it?


So you bought an RV as an impulse-buy, hoping to make good use of it, but in reality, it just occupies a lot of space in your driveway. Worry not, for we have just the solution for you. Websites such as Outdoorsy, Campanda and RVshare let you rent out your RV to interested parties. How much can you make by monetizing your RV? Just renting out your RV twice a month can get you $2500 to $3000. That way you’ll earn back the cost of your RV in no time…

A truck

Why would people need a truck? More often than not, they need it when they have to haul things away, especially when they are moving. If you want to rent out your truck to strangers, GoShare should be your website of choice. Think of it as Uber, but only for trucks. The only hitches are that you need your vehicle to be insured, if not you could get a supplementary insurance from the website itself. Secondly, you will have to pass a background check to be able to list your truck on their website. Depending on the kind of truck you own and its condition, you can get about $41 to $51 per hour as rent.

Camera and Equipment

If you are the proud owner of an expensive camera and own other camera equipment, as well, then you can make yourself some good money without selling it. You can rent them out on KitSplit ($15 to $600 a day) and ShareGrid ($20 to $200 a day), depending on the make, model and quality of your camera equipment.


Yes, we know you could just sell your old clothes (or new) at the thrift store, making money off of it, while you empty out your closet at the same time. But consider renting out your clothes instead, which will help you make more money when you look at it in the long-run. A lot of the younger folks are renting clothes, especially for formal and special wear, as they do not want to invest in it, neither do they plan to wear it again. Website and apps like Curtsy, Rent My Wardrobe, Style Lend let you put photos of your hi-end clothes where interested people can look at them, appreciate your style and rent it from you.

How the clothes reach these people? You can either arrange for a time and place to hand over the clothes physically to them, or the company will send you shipping labels, should you want to send it by mail. So if you have numerous trendy clothes you could earn hundreds and thousands of dollars every month.

Go ahead, check out these websites… even if you don’t want to rent out things, you could rent clothes, or an RV and even a driveway for yourself!

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